Battery World helps Aussies power up their campsite this Easter

powering your campsite this easter

Powering up your campsite this Easter is no small feat, but when it’s done, you know you’re in for a treat. After all, poorly planned camps, especially with a family in tow, can lead to some unhappy campers. To make your next camping trip over Easter a good one, Franchise Partner, Howdie Farrar shares his expert camping advice to help you have s’more fun and avoid any in-tents situations.

What do you need?

First thing’s first, you need to pack the essentials. If you’re going remote or off-grid camping, be sure to include:

How to prepare your batteries

Before a big trip, always make sure you’re properly prepared by testing out your equipment to ensure it’s in working condition before leaving home.

To avoid any tents situations on the way to your campsite, have Battery World do a health check on your starting and deep cycle batteries.


Make sure you read up on where you’re going, what the weather conditions are expected to be while you’re there and familiarise yourself with the availability of facilities, such as toilets and running water, so you can prepare.

Many camp sites have its own rules and regulations so it’s not only a good idea to be familiar with these requirements, but also keep in mind camping etiquette to ensure a good time for everyone around you.

Easter is the perfect time to take advantage of the great Aussie weather, public holidays and the kids being on school break. Why not get out on the road and explore what our beautiful country has to offer? If you follow our helpful tips, it’ll be safe to say you’ll be enjoying the great outdoors in style and comfort.

At Battery World, we want your camping trip to be safe, reliable and, most importantly, fun. Before you head on your next camping trip, head into your local Battery World store to speak to one of our friendly battery experts who will look after all your battery needs.