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Committed to arming Aussie campers, caravaners, 4WD and outdoor enthusiasts with ultra-high quality LED lighting, power, and camping gear, Hardkorr has become one of Australia’s most trusted outdoor equipment brands.

Engineered by some of Australia’s keenest adventurers, Hardkorr’s range is constructed with the latest in technology, an air of practicality, and a real heavy-duty edge, making it the go-to choice for everyone from the occasional camper to the offroad veteran.

Heavy Duty Battery Box

Featured Product: Hardkorr 200W Portable Solar Blanket

Hardkorr 200W Portalbe Solar Blanket

This 200w portable solar blanket is perfect for occasional campers and adventurers who like to explore their world on a budget. It’s 10.7A rated output is sufficient to power even a large campsite, and it comes with everything you need to run it including a 20A PWM solar regulator.


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