Steve Pizzati’s Top Off-Road Destinations

Steve Pizatti's Top 5 Off-Road Destinations

Race car driver Steve Pizzati, who has teamed up with Battery World as their automotive category expert, said during his time as a motoring journalist and driving instructor he was lucky enough to travel to some of the best locations in Australia.

“Often the very best areas require an off-road vehicle to access, so with international travel off the agenda for the foreseeable future now is the perfect time to explore our incredibly beautiful and diverse country,” he said.

Steve Pizzati’s top five off-road destinations to take are:

Montezuma Falls – West Coast Tasmania

Tasmania offers brilliant off-road drives and possibly one of the most ionic is the drive to Montezuma Falls which is 104m high and Tasmania’s tallest waterfall. The 4x4 track leads you through to a beautiful cool weather rainforest with magnificent tall trees. It’s all exactly what you’d expect a waterfall in rugged Tasmania to look like – lush, green and completely mesmerising.

Wilpeena Pound – Flinders Ranges S.A

The Flinders Ranges of South Australia is a perennial favourite with off-road explorers with its jewel being Wilpena Pound. The Pound is a huge natural amphitheatre formed by the mountains that completely surround it so being in the middle feels somewhat like standing in a giant crater. Sunlight plays wonderful tricks on the beautifully layered rock formations throughout the day, so you’ll never be bored. There’s a huge expanse of 4x4 tracks in the surrounding areas to choose from so the options for getting in and out of the Pound are virtually limitless.

Cape Le Grand – Southwest W.A

Cape Le Grand National park boasts vast swathes of pristine white-sand beaches and the endless blue of the Southern Ocean all surrounded by impressive granite outcrops. This makes it the perfect location for a camping and fishing getaway. And you’ll never be alone on the beach as the local kangaroos are famous for sun-bathing on the beach with you! Best time to visit is in spring when all the local wildflowers burst into life and flood the entire area with colour.

Koolpin Gorge – Kakadu National Park N.T

Kakadu National Park is so famous in Australia that some people overlook it as a cliché, but according to Steve it is a shame as it is worthy of its fame. The park itself is vast, so choosing just one part to visit can be overwhelming. Steve’s favourite is Koolpin Gorge at the southern end and after an iconic Australian “red dirt” 4x4 drive, you’re greeted by a refreshing gorge complete with waterfall, plunge pools and lush vegetation. It’s also the location of some rarely seen native animals like the black Wallaroo so taking some binoculars is highly recommended.

Davies Plain Hut – Victorian High Country

This is proper “Man from Snowy River” country near the border between Victoria and NSW and definitely not for the faint-of-heart! The very challenging drive along the Limestone creek track has some dramatically steep grades but is rewarded with big views of the snow-covered high mountains but also dotted with idyllic river-side campsite which is perfect for some clear-water fishing to calm your nerves. One of the highlights of the track is the historic Davies plain hut first built in 1892 which offers a clearing to spot the legendary wild Australian Brumby horses.