Battery World drives mission for all Aussies to prioritise automotive battery care

Battery World drives mission for all Aussies to prioritise automotive battery care

How often do you think about your car battery’s health before hitting the road? Batteries are such a normal part of our lives that we barely give them thought…until something goes wrong. Before you hit the road, whether for holidays to work or the school run, consider Battery World’s tips on automotive battery care.

Identifying a flat battery

For most, it’s easy to identify when your battery is flat, but here are some common signs that your battery is on its last legs and time for a new one.

  1. You’ve had to jumpstart your car recently. Simply driving it around the block or leaving it idle in the driveway won’t fully recharge the battery in most cases.
  2. Your car battery is showing signs of damage. If it’s cracked, swollen or leaking, it’s time for a replacement.
  3. The engine turns over slowly or turns over but doesn’t start. There may be a number of reasons for this, most commonly due to the battery.
  4. The engine won’t even crank.

Battery care 101: Monitoring your battery

While you might be saving petrol by leaving your car unused, you’re actually reducing your battery’s performance and causing premature battery failure. Make an effort not to have a ‘set and forget’ mindset and become accustomed to monitoring your battery – an excellent way to do so is by getting a battery monitor. The Century BM12V Battery Monitor is the easiest way to keep track of your battery’s state of charge and your vehicle’s starting and charging systems. The Century BM12V can be used to monitor conventional 12 Volt lead acid batteries via an app on your smartphone.

Keeping your car running for longer

Here are some simple ways you can prolong your battery life:

  1. Quick rides prevent your car’s battery from fully charging, which long term can be detrimental to the life of your battery. If quick rides are unavoidable you may require a maintenance charger to keep your battery in a charged state.
  2. Keep your battery fastened correctly and properly positioned on the mounting bracket to avoid damage from excessive movement and vibration.
  3. Turn off all lights when you exit the car. Accidentally keeping your headlights and car door lights on can put a heavy toll on your vehicle’s battery

If you’re looking for additional ways to care for your automotive batteries, visit your local expert at Battery World and they can guide you through this process and make sure your ride is a safe one.

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