Lead Acid Battery Recycling

Lead Acid Battery RecyclingLead Acid Battery Recycling

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*Based on average battery recycling volumes per store per year



We Are Proud To Be Part Of Creating A Safer And Environmentally Sustainable Used Lead Acid Battery Recycling Industry

Almost every car and truck has at least one Lead Acid or Sealed Lead (SLA) battery in it, and so do motorbikes and boats. 96% of these batteries can be recycled to make new batteries. Lead is one of the most recycled materials in the world and the main source of secondary lead is from lead acid battery recycling, with global recycling rates estimated at around 95%. However due to the toxic nature of lead and corrosive battery acid used in them, Lead Acid Batteries have to be recycled carefully. At Battery World we have a tried and tested recycling program to ensure all used batteries are recycled properly.

How does recycling work?How does recycling work?

Recycling FAQs

Can I put my old battery in my home bins?

No! Lead Acid Batteries shouldn’t be put in home recycling or waste bins. The lead and acid contained in them will contaminate other recycled materials. This will make the entire contents of your recycling bin un-recyclable, and it will all end up in landfill.

Where can I take my old battery to be recycled properly?

Your old batteries can be dropped off at to any Battery World nationwide. To find your your nearest Battery World recycling site use our store finder, or call 13 17 60.

How much does recycling cost?

Nothing! Your used lead acid battery will be recycled by Battery World completely free.

Can I re-use my old battery?

No. Automotive batteries contain lead, acid and lead compounds, all of which are considered harmful to humans. Battery World and our recycling partners are able to recycle these materials safely.

What happens to my old battery?

The constituent materials (metal, plastics, chemicals) are separated when the battery is broken down, and then re-processed and used in the manufacture of new batteries and other components. 97% of lead from used Lead Acid Batteries can be recovered and reused via this process.

Will my battery be reconditioned?

No! Reconditioned batteries are unreliable at best and dangerous at worst. Battery World will NEVER recondition any used battery dropped of at our stores. All used batteries go into our recycling program.


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