Sick of WFH? Turn your 4x4 into an off-grid office

Battery World drives mission for all Aussies to prioritise automotive battery care

Could you swap four white walls for the great outdoors and work off-grid?

With more Australians embracing a mix of remote working and office life, the adventurous among us may be looking for a better backdrop.

If internet connection isn’t an issue, ditch the filing cabinets and make your next commute in your 4x4 across the sands of Fraser Island or down the Barraba Track.

Experts at Battery World have this advice for aspiring off-road office workers, or even adventurers planning their next four-wheel driving trip.

Getting the right kit

First, get your alfresco office powered with a solid Dual Battery System to make sure your power-guzzling gadgets don’t drain your 4x4’s supply. Deep cycle batteries such as the Century C12-105XDA designed for slow release to provide power over a sustained period of time. A starter battery alone can’t keep up with the demands of lights, fans and a fridge and you’ll want that cold beer at the end of the day won’t you?

To juice up your laptop, mobile and headsets you’ll need a good inverter. Depending on the watts of your appliances, there are different inverters available for you!

Whether you’re an early riser or prefer to burn the midnight oil, you’ll need a camping light kit to keep your keyboard in sight. We recommend LED lighting that is remote switchable and anti-bug. LED is also low-power consumption, which is friendly for your battery.

Due to the high temperatures under the bonnet, vigorous vibrations, the likelihood of harsh impacts from rough terrains and power-hungry accessories, your battery set up is critical for a safe and fun 4x4 experience.

Before any big trip, always make sure you’re properly prepared by testing out your equipment to ensure it’s in working condition.

Talk to the friendly local battery experts at Battery World about what you’d like to achieve with this type of set-up. Depending on the appliances you want to run, they can advise on the panels, solar controller, battery and inverter you need to ensure it all operates reliably and efficiently.

You can find our full range of products to help power your 4x4 passion here.