Battery World’s battery tips for your next marine adventure

Tips for your next marine adventure!

For many water enthusiasts, a trip out on the boat or jet ski is the perfect adventure.

Whether you’re going for a quick fishing trip on your local lake or looking to brave the waves on an extra-long adventure, it’s important to be properly prepared so your plans don’t sink. Battery World shares some great tips to help get you and your boat charged for your next aquatic adventure:

Storage conditions

Long-term storage can spell disaster for batteries if done improperly - impacting its ability to fully recharge later. Connect your battery to a charger when not in use, which will keep the battery topped up and provide a maintenance charge to avoid any degradation from being in an undercharged state.

Correct installation

Not much more needs to be said here. This isn’t your typical battery. Make sure it’s in place and secured correctly to not only avoid damage but to ensure optimal performance, maintaining the life of your battery.

Get a battery health check

Nothing ruins a boating adventure quite like getting stranded out on the water or not even being able to leave the marina because your battery is completely flat.

To ensure you’re able to power through and make the most of those perfect weather days, get your battery’s health checked. Battery World offers free battery health checks and marine battery assistance. After all, you can get a fish out of water, but not a ‘push.’

Using the right type of marine battery

The last and most important tip – getting the right battery! Marine batteries are designed to specifically handle life on the water, especially the potentially harsh and damaging vibrations and rigours of the waves that knock against the boat. Remember, each engine has a different level of horsepower (HP), which means you need a battery that handles not only the required level but also delivers reliable starting power and enduring performance.

For batteries up to 70HP, the Australian-made Yuasa Seafarer 580 and Century Marine Pro 580 are great options.

For batteries up to 150HP, grab the Yuasa Seafarer 680 or Century Marine Pro 680.

Finally, for your larger boats with up to 350HP, you’ll need a heftier battery that can handle this level of horsepower. The Yuasa Seafarer 780 or Century Marine Pro 780 are the batteries you’ll need.

If you’re not sure which marine battery is right for you, have a chat to our friendly local battery experts at Battery World. They can guide you through this process and make sure your journey is a safe one.

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