Ecoflow Now Available At Battery World

Ecoflow Now Available At Battery World

Ecoflow Now Available At Battery World!

Battery World is excited to introduce a new range of high-quality portable power solutions from Ecoflow

Founded in 2017 with the mission “to lead as a reliable and trusted energy companion for families and individuals around the world”, today, EcoFlow leads the way forward with industry-leading portable power solutions and solar technology.

EcoFlow has been changing the industry for the better and setting new expectations in the portable and renewable energy market. They have won several industry awards including the Red Dot and iF Design Awards in 2019 and breaking Kickstarter’s record for the most funded tech project by over $4 million (ranking sixth among all crowdfunding projects to date) for their EcoFlow Delta Pro crowd funding project by raising over $12 million in just 2 months.

EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind power to customers in over 100 markets through its RIVER and DELTA product lines of portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories including foldable solar panels.

Ecoflow solar panels allow you to top up on the go

Top up your power station on the go with the EcoFlow range of solar panels

With a product range from 288 Watt-hours (Wh) all to way up to hefty 10,800 Wh including comprehensive outlet types (AC, DC, USB, USB C, USB fast charging), class leading inverter output with “X-Boost” technology which allow their smallest unit to run devices up to 1,800 Watts(W). This is the fastest charging time in the market due to their patented X-Stream technology, charging options including AC, DC, Solar, plus their new smart petrol generator.

Customers can be confident there is a perfect model available for their specific need, whether it be a one day camping trip, powering up workshops, living off grid, and everything in between! Should any of their energy needs change in future, they can expand their system, thanks to EcoFlow’s modular system design and their extra battery range. All units are also supported by their user friendly EcoFlow App, which allows users to accurate monitor their battery capacity.

In addition to this excellent range of portable power solutions, EcoFlow has designed a ‘Bi-Facial’ 220 Watt(W) solar panel. This ingenious design takes advantage of the ambient light on the reverse side of a solar panel that would otherwise go unutilised without the need of a larger sized solar array. The reverse side of the panel has a potential of 150W of output. This new design feature takes the standard 220W solar panel up to a potential 370W output.

Cooking food on an cooktop

Power your electric cooktop with the EcoFlow DELTA

While the EcoFlow product range has been available in Australian market since late 2021, partnering with Battery World will bring the product even closer to consumers. This partnership will not only allow customers to experience the product in person before purchase, but also provide valuable expert advice on what product model would best suit their needs.

For more information or to find the EcoFlow solution right for you, speak to your local battery expert today

Charging iPhone with an EcoFlow power station