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OzCharge Bluetooth 12V Battery Monitor and App

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Product Details

The OzCharge OC-BM12 Bluetooth Battery Monitor is the quickest and most convenient way to check the health of any vehicle’s battery, starter and charging system. The OzCharge BM12 bluetooth battery monitors real-time battery status information on smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth.

Suitable for lead-acid type batteries only including AGM, Gel, Wet, Flooded, Calcium SMF and EFB. Not suitable for Lithium type batteries.

Easy DIY Install

To install, simply attach the monitor’s black connector to the battery’s negative terminal and the red connector to the positive terminal. Scan the QRcode or search ‘OzCharge’ in your device’s app store. Install the application and stand within 5 metres of the battery monitor, turn on your Bluetooth and open the app on your device. Set a name for the battery, you’re now monitoring the battery from your smart device.

Monitor Multiple Batteries

Multiple battery monitors can be named and monitored from the one device, so you can keep an eye on an entire garage of cars, check that second battery in your dual battery setup or even the battery in your caravan or boat. You can set periodic notifications of your battery’s condition or set warning notifications when the battery drops below a certain voltage.

Monitor Cranking Voltage

Using the OzCharge App you can perform a crank test, this will test the voltage level during the starting sequence of your vehicle. If the voltage is 9.6 or higher, everything is ok. If it’s lower than 9.6 volts, it may indicate there is an abnormality such as an ageing or a damaged battery. The battery charge level is recorded daily and is formulated into a graph over time so that you can stay alert to any trends that may indicate potential battery failure before it’s too late.

Run Charging Tests

The OzCharge App can also run a charging test which will analyse the effectiveness and health of the alternator. The app will warn the user if the alternator is determined to be unhealthy or showing sub-standard charging performance.



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