Battery World Duo Score A Four With Their Gabba Store

Battery World Duo Score A Four With Their Gabba Store


No pun intended but Steve and Julie Minter knew they were on a winning wicket when they decided to buy a Battery World store - so much so they have now hit a 'four' with the opening of Battery World Woolloongabba.

It's an innings few could beat: from relocating from Perth to Brisbane and buying their first store at Capalaba in 2016, the duo has added Cannon Hill, Macgregor and now the newly minted store barely a block from the hallowed cricket ground.

Four stores in three years is something of a record for the network: only two other franchisees have ever chalked up four or more stores in Battery World's 21-year history.

Strangely enough it was a chance encounter at Battery World Osborne Park (Perth) that was the clincher for the RIT engineer to buy into the franchise.

"I'd spend the last 23 years on platform rigs," Steve said. "From New Zealand to Japan and all places in between, building and operating ROV Robots (Remotely Operated-underwater Vehicles) for the oil and gas industry.

"Being away from home a fair bit was taking its toll on family life and Julie and I made the decision to buy a business. I was off shore and someone told me about Battery World. It appealed to Julie because she has previously worked in the area of electrical goods and power tools.

"Funnily enough one day we found ourselves near a Battery World store and I could see this line up of people waiting to go inside. I said to Julie, 'have a look at that, what are they selling over there?' because it is usually food shops that are that busy, but it was Battery World.

"So, we decided to go in there and then. I had a cordless drill battery that needed to be replaced so we lined up with everyone else. Believe it or not there were a couple of guys from offshore in the line with me, so we had a bit of a chat and I asked them what they thought. We spoke to the owner, Tom Spence, and asked him if there were other franchises going around and what it was like.

"Tom was so in love with Battery World: so, I just put that in the back of my mind because with 23 years off shore, I wanted to be home with the kids. The kids were about 10 and 11 and we thought if we are going to do a change in life, let's make it big. So, we relocated from Perth and bought a business."

At a stone's throw from the Gabba, the store is at the cross section of two busy roads - Stanley Street and Wellington Road - which see 34,000 cars whiz by every day.

Steve reckons four is enough crediting good staff with being critical to even opening a second store.

"Julie and I are a team and all of the people who work with us are also key players," he said. "You cannot be in retail without good staff who are providing the best in customer service. It is what gives bricks and mortar retailing something extra over just 'online' sellers. We talk to our customers to work out what their needs are then deliver the goods."