Claremont Call The Right Charge For O'Connor Businessman

26 March 2018 | Store News

Becoming his own boss may have been the motivation for buying his first franchise in 2016, but local businessman Noel Brennan was unprepared for the satisfaction he felt daily helping customers solve their problems.

Mr Brennan credits that 'mojo' for the inspiration to open his second store at Claremont this month.

"Almost daily we hear about retailing disruptors like Amazon, but really at the end of the day most of our customers just want to talk to someone about their purchase needs," he said. "Batteries can be tricky especially lithium batteries; there is a bit of fear out there so it is reassuring they can come to us and talk about best power solutions. It is immensly satisfying."

Noel joined the network after 20 years working in the crane industry specialising in oil and gas in Asia. Perth born and bred it was a no-brainer when he was ready to return to Oz he would come home to Perth. With a love of cars and the direction of portable power - he looked to Battery World to become his own boss and put his stamp on exceptional customer service.

"In big organisations, so much can go beyond your power to fix or work with, but when you own your store the buck stops with you: you have to be everything to all people and it provides a job satisfaction I never thought existed."

In less than two years Mr Brennan has not only bought two stores, but has been elected the Western Australian representative on the 108 store National Franchise Development Council (NFDC).

"It's not often a 'newby' gets to sit on the NFDC," he said. "I am passionate about the brand and the need for consumers to support bricks and mortar retailing. Across Australia our stores are pretty much family run and operated: husband and wife teams: like my wife Jennifer and I, who give locals a job. We are the ones supporting junior sport with jerseys or local schools with recycling competitions - we are tied to the community. And we are Batteryologists, self-proclaimed nerds who love this stuff."

According to the Franchise Council of Australia (FCA, 460,000 Australian's derive their livelihood from franchising across the 80,000 franchised workplaces contributing over $144 billion to the Australian economy.

"While the internet is a great tool for storing information, it is actually very poor at giving expert advice on a specific solution to your needs," Mr Brennan said. "And our team is happy to be the ones to provide that. Not only that we are happy to change your battery for you at no added charge - we we really are providing service.

"That also includes keeping our customers moving with our 24/7-battery roadside assist servicing Cottesloe to Floreat to Peppermint Grove and City Beach."