Local Duo Behind The Charge For Greensborough

11 December 2017 | Store News

Some might say is was destiny that Greensborough bookkeeper Gazal Kamali would meet her future husband at an ‘end of financial year’ party: now the duo are charging ahead with a new venture opening a brand new business in the neighbourhood.

Together with husband Elias Hazouri, the couple have swung open the doors to a brand new Battery World store; the 103rd for the nation niche battery retailer.

And with an eye on the fact they live and work in the area they included fundraising for local junior sports as part of their opening celebrations so they can sponsor and foster junior sport in the area.

“Elias has worked in the franchise sector previously, for both Quest Apartments and Hairhouse Warehouse but we really wanted to start a business together: that we could both work on into the future, “ Gazal said, “I am still working on my undergraduate degree studying to be an accountant at RMIT so Elias will be more front of house than me, but I am certainly keen to be involved with our customers. Both of us feel customer service has gone out the window – that is why so many people are being drawn to shopping on the internet.

“We want to bring back customer service: which is essential when you are talking about batteries. We have undertaken extensive training with battery manufacturers and suppliers to become Greensborough’s Batteryologists.”

The duo has converted an old tyre shop into the new Battery World store.

According to the Franchise Council of Australia (FCA), 460,000 Australians derive their livelihood from franchising across the 80,000 franchised workplaces contributing over $144 billion to the Australian economy.

“While I have worked in every facet of franchising from call centres, to IT and recruitment I have never before owned my own business, Elias said, “So this is a very exciting time for us. Starting your own business can be daunting at the best of times but we feel the business model of franchising offers so much support. It allows us to be part of a wider network but also have the autonomy of owning a business and determining its success.

“Any questions we have can easily be answered by the team at support office or through the network of franchisees who offer mentoring to us: they have done it before so they know the answers. You cannot beat that kind of support.

“And of course the biggest bonus to starting our business together – is we get to make our own destiny as a business owners and see where that takes us.”