High School Friendship Charged With Career Change

14 March 2017 | Store News

At 56, and well into the second chapter of his life, little did Peter Miller realise it would be connections to high school that would lead the charge for a career change.

After chalking up 25 years in IT Mr Miller was looking for life change that would see him be his own boss. He spent 18 months exploring opportunities in indoor farming before a happenstance coffee with his high school friend took him in a completely new direction.

Mr Miller’s mate, and former groomsman, Julian Cauchi just happened to own Battery World Fairy Meadow and a chance coffee, combined with the fact Mr Miller had also undertaken an electrical apprenticeship after high school, led to him opening Battery World 97th store in Rozelle.

“It made perfect sense,” Mr Miller said, “Julian has run his store successfully for many years and to see how happy he has been with his work: well it starts you thinking. Even with Julian’s endorsement I still did my research and visited as many stores as I could. I loved it that it didn’t matter what store I visited the staff were really friendly and loved working there.

“There are many franchise web sites and I kept coming back to Battery World being a trusted brand and a brand on the move. Battery technology is moving ahead in leaps and bounds as we try to continually stay connected. Australians embrace technology like no one else.”

When Battery World Rozelle threw open its doors in March, it was more than the opening of another store for the national specialised battery retailer – it was a giant leap forward in its 20 year history with its first Sydney CBD store.

The company has long identified Sydney and regional New South Wales as part of its commitment to rapid growth and expansion and this ‘flagship’ highlighting the commitment to ‘bricks and mortar’ stores. Battery World has opened five stores in NSW and Sydney in the last 12 months. A total of 11 opened across the country last year and in a matter of months store 100 will swing open its doors. The company is optimistic in opening a further 10 by the end of this year.

Battery World Network Development Manager Alex Forbes said there was an immediate aim to put stores where customers expressed interest for a need. Headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland obviously has the most stores but Mr Forbes is quickly readdressing that balance.

“Peter has been on board for nearly two years as we first explored a site in Bondi,” he said, “That never eventuated and we still have an immediate need for good sites in Sydney and would love to hear from landlords. We are in an enviable position in the franchise sector as we have would be franchisees champing at the bit to get into a store.”

For Peter Miller, the Rozelle store will still be imprinted with the company’s commitment to heavy-duty batteries but reiterates the need for city workers to have accessibility to developing technologies through mobile phone and laptop batteries.