Retail Confidence For Belmont Buoyed By Battery Charge

14 November 2016 | Store News

Confidence retail in the Hunter region will continue to grow has come from Australia’s largest specialised battery retailer who has opened a new store in Belmont after consumers indicated they would shop in the area.

Highlighting a commitment and confidence in ‘bricks and mortar stores’, this is Battery World’s 94th store – one of 11 new stores, including one at Cardiff, to open nationally this year.

Battery World Network Development Manager Alex Forbes said Battery World had also identified the area for further growth with two more stores planned one for Newcastle City and one for Heatherbrae moving forward into 2017.

“The population of Newcastle and the surrounded region is attractive as a growth area and the fact it is a transport hub connecting the east coast means it has been on our radar for future stores,” Mr Forbes said.

“We are seeking to be continually plugged in. Market research tells us many customers would shop in a Battery World store but don’t, as we are not close by. Our immediate aim is to open many more stores in both capital cities, and significant regional hubs to ensure all Australians can rely on Battery World, wherever they may live, work or play.”

Battery World’s Peter Eymael may have only swung open the doors to his Cardiff store in January but is also the man behind Belmont.

No newcomer to franchising, Mr Eymael owns the Cardiff, Kwikkopy store as well, but saw a real need for all things batteries in Belmont running both stores with his family to provide a real commitment to exceptional customer service.

Mindful of the grapple to be able to buy all things on the Internet, he said the often-complex technicalities of battery technology means customers need to be properly informed with expert advice.

“This has never been more so with the increased demand for lithium batteries and chargers,” he said.

“Trusted expert battery advice is our specialty. Our success will always be underpinned by our in-person retail model where the critical elements of trust and certainty combine with a local business owner: that’s what makes us special and regardless of the march of technology, we will never forget that.

“Australians embrace technology like no other nation, but there are also those trying to get as much life out of an old gadget as possible. We aim to cater to both those wanting the very latest in technology and those just trying to keep up. We don’t discriminate with our expertise - it’s just as important to every customer.”