Purple Power For Men's Health

01 November 2016 | Store News

They wear purple uniforms, work in purple buildings, drive purple cars and are now committed to growing purple moustaches – all in the name of men’s health.

While growing moustaches for Movember is not new, across Australia nearly 400 staff and franchisees of Battery World Australia plan to up the ante by not only growing them but also dying them purple.

The 95 national stores have taken the challenge personally after a number of team members have battled with prostate cancer this year.

Franchisee David Mathison sits on the national product committee and is living with prostate cancer.

“When you hear the word cancer it is a real shock,” David said, “When I hit my mid 40s I thought I should have the prostate cancer PSA check and when the results came back that my numbers were high I was immediately referred to a urologist. The real devil to all of this detail is early detection.

“I am lucky in that I have the cancer cells but at this stage they are just there and not doing anything. I have annual tests to check everything is under control – so I guess the good thing about all of this is I know it is there so there are no surprises. My father had prostate cancer and lived until 90 so I guess I have the same cancer that he had.

“My message to men is to take the blood test and if it happens to lead to having the next test think about your options – would you rather die of cancer or have a moment you might find embarrassing?”

Franchisee Greg Leslie is also leading a call to arms after his father has beaten cancer twice thanks to early intervention.

“My Dad, Bill, typical of men his generation, has never been one for doctors especially when he was younger but as he has gotten older he has seen the wisdom,” Greg said, “He has now been clear of prostate cancer for four years thanks to early intervention. And just last week was released from hospital after they successfully removed bowel cancer – all thanks to catching it early.

“While the female franchisees and staff across Australia will sport fake moustaches, the whole male team from stores to support office, will do their best to grow and dye our MO’s purple in the hope that being a bit silly helps get the message across to men they are not invincible.”