Batteries, Bangers and Barbecues: Helping our Brothers and Sisters in Arms



We're putting down our battery chargers and brandishing tongs and tommy sauce: Batteryologists across the country are readying for a barbecue with a difference.

Australia Day may have come and gone, but across the country Battery World, together with charity Soldier On, is giving us a good excuse to again heat those burners.

Last year 109 Battery World owners across Australia, rolled up their sleeves to set an arm wrestling record to raise Solider On’s profile, but this year they just want you to come along and share a snag at one of their stores on the last weekend of Summer.

The charity, that provides support and assistance to service personnel and families across the whole of our defence forces including individuals from the Australian Federal Police and Australian Border Patrol is asking Australians to host a BBQ on the weekend of February 22, as a ‘Salute to Summer’ to help raise funds to keep their services running.

Soldier On Ambassador and former corporal Jodi Coleman, who served in East Timor, said the notion of a barby goes hand in hand with mateship.

Jodi, who is married to a former soldier and current army reservist, said: “So it’s with this in mind we’re encouraging all Aussies to serve their mates, in support of those who have served our nation and what better way than to throw a barby and invite the people you care about.”

And so, Battery World, together with Century Batteries has answered the call: they’ve bought the snags and are throwing on BBQ’s across the nation all for a gold coin donation.

“There is something about the barbecue that really brings people together,” they said. “It’s the coming together of families, which unlike the Sunday dinner of old, is more relaxed. For many people, it’s also the place they actually feel relaxed enough to open up and talk to another person about their problems.

“And that is what Soldier On is really trying to achieve: to take away the stigma that everything has to be perfect all the time: that for these people, who have had to be the bravest in the most terrible of times, have somewhere to talk where they feel comfortable.

“Our Batteryologists love to talk to people, so would love to serve you up a snag and if you need battery advice, they'll be happy to chew your ear off: but you’ll need to give them a gold coin first.”