Aussie Battery Retailer And Manufacturer Charged With Powering Price


Battery World Toby Price Sponsorship


2019 Dakar Rally Champion Toby Price has announced his partnership with Yuasa Batteries and Battery World Australia heading into the 2020 Dakar and FIM World Rally Championship.

Price is looking forward to representing the premier power-sports battery brand and national retailer, as he races abroad and at home in Australia, in the 2020 Stadium Super Trucks Series, with a double sponsorship by Australia’s trusted battery combo.

Together Battery World Australia and Yuasa Batteries have partnered to be the battery retailer and official battery of Price.

Today Price showcased the relationship with a visit to the Battery World Capalaba store with his classic 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air fitted with a new Yuasa battery.

“This is the start of a great relationship,” Price said. “I’m stoked to join the Battery World team, obviously I’m into pretty much all of the things that they provide and fit batteries for. I am looking forward to meeting the franchise owners, the Batteryologists, around Australia and can’t wait to put some of these batteries to the test.”

“The Yuasa Batteries team, make batteries for pretty much everything, including all of my toys like my Trophy Truck, Triton, Can-Am even my classic 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air. I’m looking forward to really putting the batteries to the test this year at my off-road events and in my Stadium Super Truck.”

While the first round of the 2020 Stadium Super Trucks (SST) competition will kick off at the Superloop Adelaide 500 in February, Price will now prepare to defend his 2019 Dakar Rally title at the 2020 running of the event in Saudi Arabia from 5-17 January 2020.

Battery World General Manager Shawn Kerr said there was no doubt many Battery World customers were huge motorsport fans.

“When in full flight they are mega machines, race cars on steroids and we are thrilled to be part of this action,” Mr Kerr said. “Along with SST we are proud to be sponsors of Price and supporting him with his off-road racing in his Trophy Truck, KTM 450 and Can-Am Maverick. Our customers will be able to get up close and personal with the team at our stores across Australia when the SST events roll out next year.”

Yuasa Batteries sponsorship builds on the company’s support of motorsport across the globe, with its sponsorship covering different teams across Australian and international categories including drag racing, ute racing and the successful Honda Repsol MotoGP team.

Yuasa Batteries’ National Marketing Manager (Automotive) Andrew Bottoms said commitment to another level of motorsports gave the brand even more exposure to the heartland of Australian motorsports.

“This is another way we can connect with our motoring community: an exciting partnership which will showcase a great battery relationship between manufacturer and retailer,” Mr Bottoms said.