SJS1500 Power Pack and Jump Starter

SJS1500 Power Pack and Jump Starter

Compact lithium jump starters have become a must-have piece of kit to carry in any vehicle, not just your 4x4.

Having the ability to jump-start your car if it has a flat battery, without the help of another vehicle and jumper leads, is priceless and there is a huge range of products on the market now that claim to do this job.

As its name suggests, the SJS1500 Power Pack puts out 1500amp of power with 600amp peak clamp power. That’s enough to jump-start diesel engines up to 4.2 litres capacity and petrol engines up to 7.0 litres. It jump-started my dead-flat LandCruiser that is rusting away in the driveway without too much fuss at all.

SJS1500 Power Pack and Jump Starter

Hooking the SJS Power Pack up to start a car is relatively simple. Just plug the leads in the port on the main unit, then connect the leads up to the respective positive and negative terminals on your car, turn the unit on and start her up. It couldn’t be any easier and could save you if you get stuck with a dead battery. There’s even an LED torch on the end of the pack to help you hook up in the dark.

The SJS Power Pack is handy for charging mobile phones or other powered accessories. It has two 5-volt/2.1A USB outlets for performing such tasks when needed, and it comes with two USB cables for charging such devices.

The Personal Power Pack stores 16,000mAh (60Whr) of power and is charged up using a 240-volt power plug. Unfortunately, there isn’t the ability to charge the unit via a USB or 12-volt charger, so it can’t be maintained in the car.

Carrying the SJS Power Pack in a car gives drivers peace of mind, knowing they have that self-starting ability. Particularly if the battery is showing its age and not performing as it should, you’ve left your lights on when you parked in the morning, or you’ve drained the battery by running accessories like a car fridge or stereo.

Article by Matt Raudonikis from 4x4 Australia