Pylontech RV12100 Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Next Generation Lithium Batteries

The RV12100 has been produced by one of world’s leading manufacturers of Energy storage – Pylontech. A unique feature that Pylontech have added is the State-of Charge indicator on the top of this battery. This allows easy determination of the state of charge and affords the user not needing other monitoring systems.

The RV12100 is the standard size that you will find most 100AH deep cycle batteries.

Rather than the standard ‘plates’ that make up lead acid battery cells, the RV12100 uses Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Pouch style cells which can be used in any orientation allowing further flexibility of where the RV12100 can be stored.

Pylontech RV12100

The RV12100 can be linked in both parallel and series* due to the internal Battery Management System (BMS). One thing to note is that the RV12100 will need a dedicated lithium charger so be sure that your system is suitable before making the investment. The Pylontech RV12100 is definitely an investment with a 3 2 year warranty and an estimated 3000+ cycle life.

The RV12100 is "Array-Aware". That means it knows other batteries are on the bus and only turns on when it senses another battery in parallel or a charger.

*No connection of series & parallel concurrently is not permitted

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