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Pylontech RV12100 Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Next Generation Lithium Batteries

The RV12100 rechargeable lithium battery, by Pylontech (one of the worlds largest manufacturer’s of Lithium battery solutions) is a battery specifically designed for Deep Cycle applications commonly used in 4x4, RV, motorhomes, marine power, golf carts and solar storage systems.

12.8V 100Ah capacity LiFePO4 battery with embedded battery management and safety, and housed in a NS70 compatible sized case, the RV12100 not only provides superior performance to deep cycle lead acid batteries, but also raises the bar for Lithium batteries

A huge benefit is its scalability. The ability to wire these up to 8 in Parallel configurations is no problem due to its auto-balancing function. That means up to 800Ah in capacity!

With a very handy control panel, featuring an On/Off button to isolate the batteries when not in use and large State of Charge (SOC) panel with LED indicators for quick and easy capacity checks, the RV12100 provides users with the ultimate control.

The RV12100 is definitely worth considering for your battery storage requirements…

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