Why Steve Pizzati Believes Spring Is The Best Time To Check Your Battery

Why Steve Pizzati Believes Spring Is The Best Time To Check Your Battery

It’s not just us humans that we’ve dragged ourselves through a long winter, your car and motorbike has experienced a long, miserable Winter too! You may not realise it, but winter is the hardest time of year for your car battery with the shorter days and bad weather causing us to run lights, wipers and demisters almost nonstop. Add the fact that most modern cars have an auto stop/start function at traffic lights, means that this additional strain has taken some life out of your car’s battery.

Unfortunately, most people think of a car battery as something that lasts forever and forget that they are a consumable item that needs regular inspection and replacement before it lets you down. And car batteries seem to have a perfectly tuned inbuilt radar that knows exactly when the most inconvenient time is to fail!

Spring is the perfect time to get on top of your battery maintenance and make sure it can’t ruin your day.

You can do the basics yourself – making sure your battery is secure, that the clamps and cables look in order and that the water levels (on maintainable batteries) are topped up. But for a proper check, specialist equipment is needed and that’s where your Battery World expert comes into the picture. They have all the latest testing technology and can make a very quick assessment of your battery health – it takes less than 10 minutes and it’s free!

And if you own a motorbike, a battery health check is an absolute must as chances are you haven’t ridden much over the Winter at all. That sluggish first crank on the first beautiful Spring morning you decide to get your bike out of hibernation can sound like you’re absolutely torturing your beloved ride!

A Battery World battery health check is the simplest way to enjoy the warmer weather that’s ahead and avoid getting caught out

- Steve Pizzati
Auto Expert and Battery World Advisor