Tips For Your Car's Battery During The Colder Months

Tips For Your Car's Battery During The Colder Months

Tips For Your Car's Battery During The Colder Months

Winter is a risky time for car batteries. They need to be constantly maintained with warmth and energy to keep them in good working order – even when your car isn’t being used. To ensure your battery is left in pristine working order during the frosty months, Battery World offers expert battery advice to prevent your battery, and ultimately you, from feeling flat.

Preventing battery corrosion
Along with dust and debris, lower temperatures can thicken engine oil which increases electrical resistance and strains batteries, so it’s important to inspect and clean battery terminals and cables and ensure there’s no corrosion.

Battery World recommends that if you see any white powdery corrosion around the battery terminals, simply grab an old toothbrush, baking soda and a little water and scrub! Once clean, smear a little petroleum jelly on the terminal to prevent corrosion returning.

Battery durability
Powering your car’s radio, heating and lights places great strain on your battery’s energy levels. Next time, before you switch off your ignition, take a moment to turn everything off first. As well as this, before you start your engine on a cold morning, take a moment to let the alternator charge before you start driving.

Battery storage
A partially charged car battery can freeze at -1C, so during especially cold and windy nights, keep your car snug by storing it in the garage. No garage? No stress. Simply park with the front of the car facing away from the wind. This should help maintain your battery and prevent discharging from the cold.

Charging into winter
Finally, ensuring your batteries are correctly charged throughout winter can greatly reduce damage, meaning you won’t need to buy a new battery each year. Chargers with a maintenance charge mode that can switch on and off to keep the battery at the right level without overcharging it, is the best option. They're perfect for cold winters or any kind of long-term vehicle storage. See Battery World’s full range of chargers and maintainers here.

Don’t wait until the last minute to get your battery checked. Battery World offers a FREE Car Battery Health Test which checks your battery’s health and ensures it’s in top condition during winter and beyond. To book your free Car Battery Test, head to:

For more handy tips on maintaining your car battery in winter, visit your nearest Battery World Store. Your local battery experts are waiting for you!