Don’t forget the batteries for toys

Don't forget the batteries this Christmas!

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree – I wish I'd checked the battery

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even the mouse.

Damn, you forgot to get new batteries for the laptop mouse, and now the shops are closed. And the tears will be flowing till the toy train's whistle is blowing. Plus, the fishing is in jeopardy because the tinny is flat, and the car fridge content smells worse than a rat.

Oh, deer. What a shemozzle.

Batteries are often the last thing people think about at this festive time of year. We're all running around like headless turkeys. But remember, there are gifts, toys, car and holiday playthings to keep charged. So, don't leave it till the last minute to keep the Christmas fun going.

Read on to discover 4 holiday season tips to keep the holiday cheer sparking and sparkling

Don’t let Christmas be a silent night – add toy batteries to your shopping list

Is there anything as sad as the look on a child's face when that brilliant new toy doesn't play? Doh! There's so much to do around Christmas time. It's easy to forget the little things that can spoil the gift-unwrapping excitement.

Avoid the awkward situation of trying to explain how Santa remembered the present but forgot the batteries.

And it doesn't matter if the gifts are for the little believers or the tween, teen and adult receivers. So many of the best gifts need batteries to complete the gift-giving joy. And let's face it, do you really want another teen eye roll on Christmas morning?

Make sure to check each gift's battery requirements as you buy them. Some pressies may need sneaky, unusual ones to start the fun.

Take a leaf out of Father Christmas's book and make a list of your battery needs. Why not stop into Battery World before you collect the ham and Christmas cake?

(Psst! There is an exception, and we won't tell. How did the batteries from that obnoxiously noisy, whiny dinosaur toy from Granny suddenly disappear?).

Even Rudolph with his nose so bright, can't help a flat car battery

It's easy to get carried away with all the Christmas hype. But don't forget what carries you to all the Christmas festivities. Whilst you may be making lots of Chrissy shopping trips, spare a thought for the health of your car battery.

Those short shopping trips may mean your alternator cannot replace the starting charge of your battery. Being Christmas in Australia, it's easy to leave the air-conditioning or lights on. And that will gobble up more power than a hungry turkey.

Is it time to give your car a new battery for Christmas?

Car batteries are a consumable product. Healthy batteries typically last 3 and half years. Is yours getting a bit long in the tooth? Gift your car a new battery; it won't leave you flat in your driveway when you should be carving the ham.

For many of us, Christmas day leads into the summer holidays. A time to drive to the beach or river to enjoy the best our Aussie natural beauty offers. Don't spend part of your holiday in an emergency parking bay.

Need to jump-start the Christmas cheer?

Need car battery help on the road? Call 13 17 60.

Or did you get a new set of jumper leads for Christmas? Here's a helpful article on how to jump-start a car.

You want to hear "ho ho ho" on Christmas morning, not "rrr rrr grrr!". Make sure your battery is in top health with a free battery check at Battery World.

And if you're stuck with a flat car battery, our 24-hour mobile service will come to you*.

Don't forget the big kid holiday toys

Christmas might be over, but there's plenty of fun ahead if you've remembered the batteries.

There's the boat, the motorbike and the golf buggy. Post-Christmas is a wonderful time to bring out all the holiday toys for everyone's fun.

These goodies may have been in storage for a while, especially during Christmas's busy lead-up. Have they been adequately stored and charged? Don't be that guy or gal. The one that needs rescuing in the middle of the harbour because the boat battery is flat. No matter how good the fishing, a flat boat is no fun and could be dangerous.

Do you need a charger to keep all the toys charged? Talk to the team at Battery World to find the best solution for your charging needs. You could ask Santa for a charger for Christmas.

Santa on a boat

Keep the holiday fun going. Check the batteries in all the holiday toys, including boats, motorbikes and camping gear.

Lack of power can quickly take the joy out of camping

Camping can be an adventure, but the experience shouldn't be walking to the loo in the pitch-black. Or worse, your car's secondary battery fails to run the fridge. Don't let your camping tales revolve around sprained ankles and gastro.

Stock up on the small batteries and carry spares as well. Check your secondary battery with a voltmeter, or take it into Battery World for a free check. Is the auxiliary battery still up to the all-important task of keeping the sausages and bevvies cold? It may need a good charge with your charger (awh, thanks, Santa). But if it's on its last legs, it's better to find out before your trip.

Tick batteries for toys off your list, and have a bright holiday season

Don't forget the batteries, whether it's Christmas gift cheer or a cold camping beer. Remember the batteries for all the toys, whether big or small, to have a sparkly holiday season.

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