Battery World Charged To Help Farmers Reduce Costs

Battery World charged to help farmers reduce costs

Energy continues to be a dominant input cost for farmers and while a recent report from the Commonwealth Bank says 76% of farmers are planning to tap into solar and battery storage: in the interim there are ways to save.

That’s the advice from Battery World Australia’s Agri- battery specialists who say a simple maintenance schedule could save farmers thousands of dollars with their general farming batteries.

Jared Cox, who owns both Tamworth and Dubbo Battery World stores, talks with farmers daily.

“Batteries are most commonly left to go flat or dry out which shortens the life of the battery considerably,” he said. “Farmers are focussed on managing and running their farm so some of the smaller things like putting a battery onto a trickle-charge can fall by the wayside.

“We try to educate everyone who comes through the door that they should install either a small trickle charger or solar panel, if the equipment is out in a non-powered shed. This is the one thing they cannot do without.

“Keeping a battery charged and the fluids topped up is a sure way to extend the life of the battery. Lead acid batteries can be expensive. We see some really happy customers come back to see us, surprised by how much longer their batteries lasted after following this advice.”

In South Australia’s wine region Mt Barker’s Keith Webster makes free home visits to farms within 40 minutes from his store: doing an audit and offering advice on a maintenance schedule.

“From farm equipment to the general farm vehicles there are ways to save on battery costs and this is a service offered by every rural Battery World store, he said. “We like to make things work. Often a machinery shed will not have power so we can help with modifying solar panels and supplying the right cables for even the most difficult of projects.

“Many farmers are running European equipment that require larger format specialist batteries such as VARTA and we can easily supply those.”

The Century Yuasa N70ZZ is the most common battery around a property: whether it’s for the Land Cruiser or the header this battery covers most things.

Many in the rural sector were also unaware Battery World stores are owned and operated by locals invested in their community and all stores offered 24 hour battery assist and can go to the farm to change a battery (they can jump start heavy vehicles and trucks) and help with other farming and non- farming power solutions.