Battery World urges parents to add car safety checks to learn-to-drive mix

Battery World Urges Parents To Add Car Safety Checks To Learn-To-Drive Mix

As a passionate advocate for vehicle safety and battery heath, Battery World is calling for a re-examination of the learn-to-drive mix, urging parents to teach their kids about basic car maintenance tips to prevent any unexpected breakdowns.

Road rules and basic driving skills are the first steps for L and P platers, but regular safety checks should be just as important for all drivers to be as safe as possible on the road.

Automotive expert & Battery World Ambassador, Steve Pizzati says that teaching every driver on the road basic emergency stops, manoeuvres, and first aid is obvious, but basic vehicle maintenance is often overlooked.

“We don’t always think about the safety of the vehicle in much detail as we’re distracted trying to teach our young drivers the rules of the road and what to do in various situations.

“It doesn’t matter how good a driver you are – if the car you are driving isn’t safe or performing at the best of its capabilities, you are putting yourself and others at risk,” Steve said.

Young drivers often have second-hand cars that have unknown maintenance histories, and the absence of that record can have dramatic consequences for the safety and reliability of the vehicle.

Battery World General Manager, Johnny Kennedy says with more young drivers joining our roads every day, prevention and precaution are important lessons people shouldn’t have to learn the hard way.

“With over 50% of all vehicle breakdowns relating to the starting battery, a regular battery and electrical check is a habit that all drivers should take up, particularly our P-platers,” said Mr Kennedy.

“Every year we help thousands of stranded customers out of tough spots with our Roadside Battery Replacement Service who regret not keeping up with their basic maintenance checks because they’ve broken down at inconvenient times and sometimes in dangerous locations.

“Road safety comes in many forms, and battery health and electrical system maintenance should absolutely be a part of the mix,” he said.

With the advancement of vehicle technology and electrical systems, the battery has more demands on it than ever before and will give you little to no warning when it fails.

Battery World is encouraging parents and young people learning to drive to visit their local Battery World to get a FREE Battery Health check to ensure the starting battery is in peak condition and to regularly check that their headlights, indicators, brake lights, and tyres, are in good condition and working correctly.

Battery World stores offer expert advice, free Battery testing, and roadside assistance services at 111 stores across the country.

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