5 Ways To Maintain Your Motorbike Battery

5 Ways To Maintain Your Motorbike Battery

There’s no better way to explore Australia or side-step morning traffic than on a motorcycle. Whether you’re planning an outdoor adventure or commute to work on your two wheels, keeping your motorcycle battery in tip-top condition is critical, here’s how.

Select the right battery

This can be a challenging task given the extensive variety of high-performance motorcycle batteries. Start by opting for a maintenance-free battery as it doesn’t lose water during charging and is more effective and less messy. It is also sealed, and the acid is absorbed in the special plates and separators, so there’s no need to worry about acid leaks on valuable vehicle parts and accessories. If your battery is sensor-equipped, remember to replace the sensor when you change the battery.

Check fluid levels

Check your battery fluid at least once a month. Levels should be as indicated by the maximum and minimum fill lines for each cell. Fluid levels can be checked and replenished by battery specialists. For the hands-on enthusiasts, cells can be filled with distilled water in a well-ventilated area and be sure to wear gloves and protective face gear. This kind of maintenance should be done throughout the year and the more you ride, the more frequently it should be checked.

Clean your battery

Clean off any accumulated dust, grime and small pollutants. To eliminate battery terminal corrosion, scrub and clean them with a clamp brush and battery cleaner. Make sure the vent caps on the battery are tight to prevent the cleaner from entering the cells. Wipe around the battery with a wet towel and dry with a clean towel. Once the terminals have completely dried, you can apply a little anti-corrosion spray around each terminal to deter future corrosive build-up.

Storage at room temperature

To prevent your battery from freezing or cracking during winter, remove and store it at room temperature. Don’t store it on a concrete or metal surface in a garage as it’ll discharge over time. Opt for wood or another warmer surface.

Charge it up

Before you hit the road, connect your battery to an approved battery charger to keep it optimally charged. Properly connect the charger to the battery: positive charger lead to positive battery post and negative charger lead to negative battery post. Switch off and unplug the charger before disconnecting the leads. While critical for winter maintenance, this is beneficial all year round.

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