Your Household Battery Needs Might Surprise You

Household Battery Needs

02 April | 2020

Most of us take for granted all the devices, gadgets, and appliances that we use every day. We rely on them for work and leisure, and rarely give them a thought.

The current climate keeping families at home has many advantages, apart from safety. We get to spend more time with our loved ones. We save money on transport, eating out, sporting activities and social events, but the trade-off is that we rely more heavily than usual on devices.

Have you ever done a walk-around at home and counted up all the batteries in use? The result might surprise you.

  • TV & cable remote
  • Google Chrome remote
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Gaming controller
  • Watch
  • Camera
  • Speakers
  • Security alarm
  • Torch
  • NBN
  • Hearing aid
  • Mobile phone/s & cordless landline
  • Smoke detector backup
  • Garage door and gate
  • Car key fob
  • Power tools
  • Car, motorbike, boat

If you’ve got children, think about all the ways they keep entertained when at home: chances are they rely on batteries to some extent. Imagine the problems caused when batteries fail. Kids might have to read a book!

Battery World has all your battery needs in the one place. We’re serious about safety, and take every precaution to ensure social distancing and sanitation guidelines are followed. If you can’t get to a store, give your nearest store a call for advice or order online. We even deliver to you, so you can rest assured that all your battery power needs can be met quickly and economically.

Don’t let a lack of forethought ruin your family’s home isolation. Check your battery needs and stock up on the basics so you’re prepared for ongoing security, entertainment, and power during the weeks ahead. Your kids, and your sanity, will thank you for it.