What To Do On Your Days Off

Lazy Day At Home

21 April 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is preventing us from getting out and about. Unless you’re engaged in the exciting activities of essential grocery shopping, attending a medical appointment, or going to work, you’ll be enjoying the pleasures that staying home can provide.

Let’s face it, we love the freedom of weekends when we can be out and about, visiting friends, going to dinner, or simply going for a drive. In general, that’s all off the cards at this time. Instead, we need to find things to do around the home.

Why not think about things you’ve wanted to do for ages. It might be clearing out the garage, learning to play the guitar, teaching the kids how to weed the garden, or anything else that takes your fancy. If it’s a complex task, there are plenty of online tutorials that can help get you started.

Getting outdoors is perhaps one of the best things you can do for your health and mental well-being during lockdown. We’ve seen the footage of people in Italy hanging out of their apartments and creating a neighbourhood chorus, others doing exercise classes in their driveways with all the neighbours taking part, and still others dressing up for the weekly outing to take the wheelie bin to the kerb.

Some people are happy creating new social interactions of this sort, but others need to feel more productive. Repairs and maintenance are always there, as is gardening. Playing with the kids, walking the neighbourhood, organising your DVD collection, replacing your toothbrush, washing your hair…

Or you could start to get organised for post-pandemic freedom.

  • Get your camping equipment organised.
  • Connect a solar panel to your camping set-up.
  • Charge your batteries so they don’t go flat whilst not in use.
  • Clean the boat.
  • Take advantage on online shopping deals to stock up on leisure equipment.
  • Create a vegie garden.
  • Install a water feature.

Use this time to your advantage. There are a million things we can do if we look around and be open to opportunities. Go on, it might be fun!