What Are Your Everyday Battery Needs

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05 May 2020

Batteries are such a normal part of our lives that we barely give them a thought. They’re out of sight, out of mind until something goes wrong, and then it feels like a disaster has struck. Most of us use a range of batteries every day, and if asked to list them all it presents a small challenge.

Go ahead; list all the batteries you use every day…

Mobile phones are often the first thing that comes to mind, simply because we use phones so much and are accustomed to recharging them every day or two. Their little battery monitors tell us about their state of charge, and we get to know how much longer that means the phone will work. They are not the set-and-forget batteries that are in almost everything else: we rely on the information the monitor provides and we take action in response.

Watches and clocks are frequently battery powered. Most watch batteries last around two years, so we get a new one and then forget about it – until the watch starts losing time again.

Earbuds and headphones keep people entertained via music, audio books or podcasts, so their battery power is a leisure-time essential.

Medical devices might not be used by most people, but those who need hearing aids, pacemakers, and insulin infusion pumps obviously can’t afford to have them fail.

Remote controls for TV, air conditioning, fans, security systems and the like all take batteries, and our desire for an easier way to do things ensures we make replacing a flat battery a priority.

Smoke detectors, even when wired in, usually have a back-up battery. These should be checked every three months to ensure the battery is still charged.

Torches of all sizes are common in most households, using a variety of batteries depending on the type of torch. A torch is the sort of thing you know is there but rarely use, so it’s worth checking at the same time as checking the smoke detector battery to ensure it’s ready to perform when you need it.

Remote car key fobs in late model cars enable easy security and push button starting. The key fob is battery operated, of course, and the first you know of the battery needing replacement is when you can’t unlock your door.

Garage door fobs, like the car key fob, also provide for hassle-free access and increased security, so ensuring the battery is charged is a good idea.

Automotive batteries, depending on the quality of the battery, will last anywhere from 12 to 40 months or even longer if you take good care of it.

Laptops and tablets, cordless and mobile phones, and a range of industry-specific tools are all battery operated.

When you add them up, batteries feature in almost every aspect of our lives. What else do you use? What could we add to the list?