Social Isolation and Mental Health

Working From Home - Social Isolation

01 April 2020

As human beings, we’re social animals. We live and work and play in family and social groups, gaining support and a sense of belonging from each other. What happens, then, when social isolation is necessary?

The disruption to daily routines can take some getting used to but it’s essential for mental health to try making things as ‘normal’ as possible. Technology to the rescue.

Working from home

Communicating by phone and email are common workday practices, and video conferencing helps mimic being together. Sure it’s different, and once we get over checking out each other’s home office and hoping that nobody notices we’re wearing boardies and a singlet, we can get on with the real work.


It’s well-known that exercise is good for your mental health, so keeping it going during social isolation is important. It’s easy to engage in online exercise classes such as yoga or bodyweight workouts. What about finding a skipping rope to use in the driveway? If you haven’t skipped for a long time, the coordination will quickly build and you might even wonder how you did this for so long as a kid – it’s great for fitness.

Family dinner

Connecting with family members is important, especially with elderly relatives. Using your video sharing, sit down together to eat a meal and have a conversation. If talking relatives through the tech set-up is simply too difficult, just use the phone. It still provides an important connection that helps keep everyone’s mental health on an even keel.

Social catch-ups

Video sharing is the solution. Messenger and the like are perfect, especially if you display it via the TV. The large screen makes seeing each other easy, and you can sit back, have a drink and a chat, and it’s almost like being in the same room. And if someone drinks too much and goes off on a rant? Use the mute button on the remote!

All this focus on technology means that your equipment needs to be in tip-top order. Laptop or phone batteries failing after only 30 minutes, or remote controls not working, lead to frustration and reduced connection with others. Batteries have never been more important.

Battery World can help with all your social-connection battery needs, from small batteries to specialised applications. We’ll help you ensure your social isolation is only physical. Give your nearest store a call to discuss your needs.