Battery World’s safety tips during the festive season

Christmas Lights

27th November 2020 | Expert Advice

The silly season is a time for celebration, family, and of course Christmas lights, with festive decorations being the first true sign the season is well upon us.

Whether you’re wrapping a few small lights around the family Christmas tree or decking out the entire front yard to sleigh all your neighbours this year, it’s important to make sure you’re setting these lights up safely. Battery World has some great safety tips for you to make sure your dazzling battery-powered display doesn’t take the merry out of your Christmas.

Battery-powered vs electric

There are a number of benefits when opting for battery-powered lights. They are compact and resilient, without the need to manage long cables. They are also more energy efficient so your electricity bill will be none the wiser.

Without the need for a plug, you can also place them nearly anywhere in the house. Finally, they run at a lower voltage, so are much safer for use.

Storage conditions

It’s about that time of year and you’re ready to take your lights out from storage. Before you start setting them up, make sure you check the cables for any cracks, exposed wires or frayed ends. Make sure your batteries are new if they have been stored away for the past year.

Store them safely when you’re done in a tightly sealed container with cables neatly piled away to avoid any deterioration, poor storage conditions or nasty pests chewing on the cables. Battery World recommends removing batteries from your lights and placing them safely in a battery case or box for long-term storage.

Are these the right lights?

Indoor and outdoor Christmas lights are different, with the cables built for different purposes and conditions, so don’t use indoor lighting outside!

For indoor lights, we recommend LED battery-powered lights, which are not only safer, but more energy efficient with the bulbs less likely to get hot while still giving your house that beautiful Christmas glow. Battery powered candles can also add a nice glow indoors without the risk of using an open flame.

When shopping for outdoor lights, make sure the ones you get are durable and have waterproof battery packs.

Set up safely

Assuming you have the correct lights for the location, safety is the next vital step. For any length of cord not used, make sure to tape it down, as the last thing you want is preventable tripping leading to rather disgruntled relatives!

Place your lights away from any flammable materials like gas bottles, and avoid confining the cables by placing them under rugs, mats and into tight spaces where they can overheat and cause damage.

Fully uncoil your lights and avoid piercing the cord when hanging them up with tacks, nails or screws.

Fire safety measures

Fire hazards, while extremely uncommon with battery-powered lights, are still a possibility and your smoke alarm may be the only thing to warn you of a potential disaster. Keep your smoke alarms up to date with fresh batteries and make sure they’ve recently been tested. You can get a replacement 9V smoke alarm battery from Battery World for $2, so there really is no excuse!

In the unlikely event something goes awry, and the lights start a fire, it is important you and your family are kept safe with an accurate and active fire alarm system and evacuation plan.

Turn them off!

When you’re heading to bed or stepping out for a glass of socially distanced eggnog turn your lights off to make sure they don’t overheat or cause any damage while you’re out. Battery-powered lights do last a long time, but there’s no need to have them on 24/7. Putting these simple steps into action will make sure your well-deserved break is a bright and safe one.

Finally, in order to make sure your relatives give the nod of approval this season, double check your carving knife’s battery is ready, your garden tools are powered up for a spectacular outdoor setting and nana’s hearing aid batteries have been replaced, so the Christmas cheer can be felt far and wide.