Recycle Your Car Battery

Yuasa Power Series Ultra Car Battery

26 April 2020

If you’ve ever replaced your own car battery, you may have had the dilemma of what to do with the dead battery. You know they’re an environmental hazard so can’t just dump them in the bin, but it’s tempting if you don’t know of alternatives.

You might be consider re-purposing the battery for something at home. Think again: the battery contains acid and lead which both create a potential risk to you, your family, pets, and wildlife.

Some companies recondition old batteries. Unfortunately the resulting battery can be unreliable or even dangerous, especially for modern vehicles with electronics that can be damaged by battery malfunction.

The good news is that car batteries can be recycled. Knowing this, why not just put them in your home recycling bin? The problem is that the lead or acid may contaminate other material in the bin and make it all unusable. The entire contents, not just of your bin but of the truck that collected your bin, then have to go into landfill.

Your local Battery World store collects batteries for recycling. Around 98% of each car battery can be reclaimed through recycling. The plastics, lead, and acid are separated from each other and then re-processed into new products:

  • Sulphuric acid from the battery’s electrolyte is converted to sodium sulphate and used in manufacturing glass, textiles, laundry detergents, and fertilisers.

  • Lead from the battery’s plates, inter cell connectors, and posts is melted down in a smelter furnace and formed into ingots for reuse.

  • Polypropylene from the battery’s lid is chipped and recycled into rubbish bins, plant pots and the like.

You can read more information on Battery World’s recycling program here.

Recycling is a great way to conserve natural resources and reduce landfill, prevent harm to wildlife and people, and help protect the environment. At Battery World, we’re doing our bit. How about you?