Powering Your New Normal

Powering Your New Normal - Battery Powered Devices

15 May 2020

Half the working population is excited at isolation restrictions relaxing and the prospect of work returning to (the new) normal. The other half are perhaps not as excited, as working from home helped increase productivity and, of course, eliminate travel time. After an extended period working from home, many people – and workplaces – will have preparations to ensure minimal disruption to business and to ensure health and safety is a priority.


Some common things that need to be checked before returning to work are:

  • Car remote key fob and garage remote control – are they still working? If they haven’t been used in months, it’s worth checking.

  • Test your car battery – this is especially important if you haven’t been using your car. Being late on your first day back won’t look good.

  • Ensure your phone and laptop batteries are charged.

  • Uniforms – remember them? Make sure they’re clean and ironed, and shoes clean.

  • Work key, security tag, swipe card located.

  • Lunches organised, KeepCup packed, water bottle filled.

  • Childcare or pet sitting booked.


The type of business and the building it’s in will determine what needs to be done before teams return to work. You might need to be on-site to look around and test everything to ensure everything is ready to go. Here are some ideas:

  • Tools of trade – what batteries are used? Are they all still holding their charge?

  • Back-up generators.

  • Open plan offices – is a rearrangement of work stations needed?

  • Plenty of disinfectant and hand wash available.

  • Automatic towel dispensers in bathrooms working. Is battery back-up required?

  • Thermometer batteries – essential for work sites where temperature must be taken on entry.

  • Exit and emergency lighting and smoke detectors – all working and battery back-up operational.

  • Swipe card and car park access operational.

  • Cleaners rebooked.

These suggestions are by no means exhaustive. Check your personal and business circumstances to ensure you have what you need, when you need it. For all your battery requirements, contact your local Battery World store. We’ll be happy to power you into the new normal.