Powering Our Future And Freedom

Power Our Future And Freedom - Camping Trip

12 May 2020

While many people think about their future, most never think about their freedom. No, not the difference between being in jail or not, simply that we’re accustomed to having the freedom to decide on what we do and when we do it. With the exception of work commitments, we decide when to visit friends, go for a ride, take the boat out, or just drive to a picturesque location for a picnic. Our freedom allows us to decide.

The past couple of months have taken this freedom away. Social isolation, no visitors, and leaving home only for essentials have forced a rapid and significant adjustment. While some have embraced it, others are itching to get out and about again.

With the first glimmers of hope emerging that life might soon return to normal, we can think back over the past couple of months and evaluate the things we hold dear and those we’re happy to do without. It’s a great time to take stock and decide on the changes, large or small, that we might make.

We might soon return to normal, but what will the new ‘normal’ look like?

Businesses are taking the opportunity to redefine their practices. Technology has been utilised like never before, with working from home the new norm. The environmental impact of fewer cars on the road has been significant. Those who have never given pollution a second thought are starting to realise that our daily practices were indeed problematic.

Individuals and families can also take time to evaluate what’s important. Increased, if forced, family time has opened channels of communication for many, with a return to traditional hobbies and leisure activities. Crafts, baking, board games, jigsaw puzzles and the like have made a return, displacing some of the time families spend on television and electronic games. Social isolation didn’t make this happen; people did. They saw the value of spending time together, creating memories and connecting in new ways.

As freedom to travel increases, we’ll be seeing more family time spent out of the home. Camping holidays, driving to a market or café on the weekend, catching fish for dinner, or just enjoying local parks and attractions are likely to make a return. What each family does will be their choice again.

At Battery World, our purpose is to Power Our Future and Freedom; to empower and support a change to take care of our planet for future generations. We believe in minimising our impact on the planet through our products and services along with the socially responsible approach we take to business. We believe in producing quality in harmony with people and the planet, and freedom in providing our customers and community the ability to do the things they love to do and when they do them. Freedom of power provides people with the ability to live and travel where they want and to experience life to the fullest.

In the coming months, it will be interesting to see how people adjust to the return of their freedom. Will they maintain some of their new-found habits, or just return to their old normal? What will you do?