Battery Care 101: Monitoring Your Battery

Monitoring Your Battery

26 March 2020

During our period of social distancing, many cars will be similarly isolated – unused and forgotten in the garage. Your car battery does not fare well when unused, and a flat battery can be the result in a fairly short space of time.

Most of us give very little thought to the battery. We are accustomed to the car starting when we need it, and of course only discover the problem when we urgently need to go out.

We can’t determine the state of charge of the battery simply by looking. A battery monitor is an excellent solution.

The Century BM12V Battery Monitor is the easiest way to keep track of your battery’s state of charge and your vehicle’s starting and charging systems. You don’t even have to think about your battery as real-time data comes directly to your phone.

Easy to set up push notifications record and warn about low battery voltage to help identify potential issues. Through the App you are able to run vehicle crank tests and automatically record the duration of any trips you take. It’s like an activity tracker for your car.

The great news is that even the least mechanically-minded can use the monitor. It has special internal features that protect against short circuits (via a recoverable fuse), and reverse connection protection to prevent damage if the connecting leads are installed on the wrong terminals during installation. Phew!

The Century BM12V can be used to monitor conventional 12 Volt lead acid batteries and has been designed to withstand the most demanding environments.

Give your nearest Battery World store a call, and pop in or we can deliver to you. We ensure cleanliness and social distancing, so you’ll be as safe as your car’s battery.