Looking Forward To Your Next Ride?

Motorcyle Battery Maintenance Charging

17 April 2020

It’s not just during lockdown times that motorbikes need some love and attention. Every day that your bike is not being ridden, the battery is being drained just a little. When you accumulate the drain over the number of days the bike is not in use, it can make quite a difference to your battery’s life.

When a lead acid battery is not being used regularly, the battery suffers a build-up of lead sulphate crystals on the battery cells. While this happens to a small degree in every lead acid battery throughout its lifetime, it’s rapidly accelerated in batteries that are undercharged, and in batteries forced into prolonged storage without been regularly recharged. This is where our cars and bikes will be suffering during the pandemic.

Cars with remote fobs, push button starting, computer systems and all the bells and whistles cause a large draw on their batteries. Likewise, a motorbike with an immobiliser constantly draws amps from the battery: this is essential to keep the immobiliser working, but not so good for keeping a battery charged and healthy.

It’s not all bad news, though. Simply connecting a charger to the battery breaks down the sulphation and helps not only to maintain charge but also to prolong the life of the battery.

Here’s Stu from Battery World talking about maintaining his bike during the lockdown. Like all keen riders, he’s waiting for his next ride. In the meantime, he knows his bike will be ready as soon as restrictions have lifted.

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