Getting The Right Battery For Your Vehicle

Yuasa DIN53L MF Battery

22 April 2020

In an increasingly price-driven economy, it’s easy to go online to research the best price and seller for all your needs. The old saying “You get what you pay for” is often true, but talk to anyone who has bought shoes online and you’ll understand that fit is more important than price.

If we stick with the shoe story and compare it to batteries, we can shine some light on why price is not always the best criteria to determine what you purchase.

You wouldn’t go into a store and say “I need a pair of shoes.” Do you want shoes for work, exercise, dress, casual, summer, winter…? You need to be specific. Then, you need to know your size. Sure, the size 8 might be on sale, but if you wear a size 10 the sale price is irrelevant.

Going into a battery store is similar. “I need a battery.” Batteries, like shoes, come in all shapes and sizes, all to suit different purposes. To be blindingly obvious, a battery for a hearing aid is going to be different to a battery for a truck. Less obvious, however, is the difference in batteries for different size cars.

You’d expect that a Ferrari might need a different battery to a Corolla, but what about a Corolla to a Camry? The Corolla needs a battery with lower CCA (cold cranking amps), RC (reserve capacity), and AH (ampere hours) than the Camry. The greater power of the Camry requires a more powerful battery.

What if we compare a Camry Petrol with a Camry Hybrid? Being a more environmentally efficient vehicle, the Hybrid requires a battery with lower CCA, RC and AH, but it also uses a battery that’s built with a different structure: the petrol version uses a flooded lead acid battery while the hybrid uses an Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) battery.

Enough of the technical stuff. Howdie Farrar, Batteryologist from Ipswich, Qld, is passionate about batteries but also about ensuring you get the right battery for your needs.

Like new shoes, your new battery needs to be fit for purpose, and you can see why price alone is not the only consideration. Of course you can buy whatever you want, but at Battery World we’d rather help you get the battery that will give your car the best performance and give you worry-free driving.