Creating A Fail Proof Veggie Garden

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14 April 2020

Now that we’re all tucked up at home it’s time to think of all the things we’ve been meaning to do but just never got around to taking action. Think about the things that add value to our lives, and give a sense of pride in a job well done.

Perhaps it’s time to resurrect the vegie garden. The hot summer months, along with a hose that didn’t quite make the distance, made growing herbs and vegies in my garden close to impossible. The result is this sad situation: dry, forgotten, and only a hardy pumpkin – which was not actually planted but just grew from the compost – holding on for dear life.

The problem is clearly a big one. The solution will take some creativity and ingenuity, but luckily we have more accomplished growers happy to share their secrets. I’m taking inspiration.

The essentials

You’ll need a space with plenty of sun, good soil, compost, water and hose, and seeds or seedlings.

If you have a ready water supply and automated watering it’s quite simple. If not, you may end up with a disappointing garden like mine.

The “I wants”

  • A water tank to capture water from your rooftop.

  • A pump to divert the water from your tank to the vegie garden.

  • A battery to power the pump.

  • Solar panels to power the battery

The expert advice

Your local Battery World store can help with the technical aspects of connecting the tank, pump, battery, and solar panels. It’s not difficult but you will need advice based on the amps of the pump you buy, the cabling that connects it all, and the results you want.

Your local nursery can help with the vegies that will thrive in your climate at any given time of the year. They’ll also help with fertilisers, whether to choose seeds or seedlings, and the need for climbing frames for some of the vegies.

If you’re going to do it, you may as well do it right. Right?

The result

This beautiful, lush vegie garden, thriving with abundance and good health, is surely reward for effort.

For the pumpkin lovers amongst us, you’re in luck. Possibly one of the hardiest and most productive vegie crops, pumpkins have a mind of their own. No chance of containing them in a tiny little garden like mine. They love freedom to just hang around and do their thing.

I’m motivated. I’m off to start planning my next big project: turning my sad dry patch into a thriving oasis of goodness. I’ll get the better of this veggie growing business yet.


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