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MobileMuster's Dos and Don'ts For Mobile Phone Recycling

03 August 2018 | Store News


Clean our your cupboards: With every household having the equivalent of two old phoens stored away, the chances are that you are holding on to an old phone that is gathering dust in a drawer. Use the War on Waste as an added motivation to clear out your cupboards and dig up your old phones for recycling.

Remove your data: We know that some people keep hold of their phones rather than recycling them because they need to transfer their data. Before you recycle remember to transfer and remove any data that you want to keep. If you're in doubt about how to remove your data, you can check out Mobile Muster's website on clearing data or ask your local mobile phone network provider about their in-store data management services. In you're unable to switch your phone on, then any data still on the phone will be destroyed in the recycling process.

Recycle the right way: Recycling with Mobile Muster is simple and free. Just stop by any participating Battery World store to drop off your phone. Alternatively head to any participating mobile phone retailer or post your old phone and accessories for free from our nearest AusPost.

Not ready for recycling? Give your phone to a friend: Has your phone still got life in it yet? Then consider selling it or giving it a new lease of life by passing it to a friend or family members to reuse.


Don't bin a broken phone: There are approximately five million broken phones stored in Australian households that could be recycled in the right way. Avoid the temptation to throw it in the bin as it could end up in landfill. If your mobile phone is broken, you can recycle it through Mobile Muster's program. We will destroy any data left on your mobile and recycle 99% of the material from your phone and any accessories to recover materials that can be used in manufacturing new products, reducing the need for virgin materials.

Don't be precious about your old phone: A smartphone containes miniscule amounts of precious metals. When you all of the old, unused devices together, the amount of materials sat in drawers woudl make a significant difference to the amount of resources which could be recovered and reused - so dig out your old phones and get recycling today.