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From Work Experience To Boss - Corey 'Rydes' His Own Race

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Corey Helm

Unlike most Gen Y’s, at 22 Corey Helm already had a flash car, had bought and sold a property and was running his first business – two years on he is running his second Battery World store.

With 111 stores across Australia, Corey remains Battery World’s youngest franchisee going from work experience to boss - when he partnered with husband and wife duo Ailsa and Martyn Cross to buy the Ryde and Paramatta stores.

“I started working with Martyn at his auto-electric business nine years ago doing work experience and then my trade as an auto-electrician,” Corey said, “A lot of young people want to go into debt and buy a flash car or save for a house but buying a business is a sure way to give yourself a good shot at all of those things. I am not afraid of hard work and I know how important it is to give customers a good experience. The fact I am also a fully qualified autoelectrician means customers can feel confident when I change their battery.”

While many employers would not look at all employees as potential business associates, especially one so young, Martyn said he had no hesitation in partnering with Corey.

“Corey showed us right from the start he was not going to be an employee for the rest of his life,” Martyn said, “He grew up in the western suburbs and has always been driven to move up and move forward: aiming to better everything he did from the day before. If he was a bricklayer and put down three bricks yesterday it would be five today.

“He has shown maturity beyond his years. He shows initiative and is not a clock-watcher so we identified a career path we could work together with.”

Corey continues to be attracted to the changing technology of batteries and the challenges of fitting them in modern cars.

“Car batteries are more sophisticated than ever before and are not necessarily hidden under the hood,” Corey said. “And of course with the idle stop start (ISS) batteries becoming more common in our cars – you just can’t jump start every car like the old days. You actually need to tell the car a new battery has been installed to ensure all your electrics continue to run as they should.

“I understand we all want to be treated in a friendly and helpful manner, so I am really focusing on customer service and delivering a good experience. We treat customers, as we want to be treated when we go into someone else’s store. Anyone can sell a battery but being helpful is the one thing you hear all the time from my mum to my gran.

“We offer free battery testing: winter can put batteries into a death throe with the high heat of summer killing them off: so drivers can call in ensuring peace of mind their car will start when they need it to. That part of the job is always rewarding.”