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  • SJS1500TP 12V 1500Amp 16,000mAh 60WhrJump Start Chrgr TP001

SJS1500TP 12V 1500Amp 16,000mAh 60WhrJump Start Chrgr TP001


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Product Details

SJS1500TP60 Watt Hr Capacity 16,000mAh Lithium Polymer Battery

Personal Power Pack & TP001 Tyre Pump 0-80 psi

1500 Amp Max. Cell Power

600 Amp Max. Peak at Clamps

300 Amp Max. Start at Clamps

More than just a Jump Starter !

Power 12v Devices up to 180 watts (15 amps )

Charge 5v Digital Devices

Jumper Leads With Advanced Jump Start Safe Technology

Fully Automatic With Voltage Detection Safety Protection .

Low Voltage Over Ride Switch For Vehicles With Battery Voltage Less Than 2 Volts

8awg Cable With Insulated Clamps Rated To 800 Amps Forward Current .

  • Lightweight Compact Power Pack L: 185mm W: 85mm H: 38mm Weight : 415g
  • Lcd Display Screen To Show Battery Capacity
  • Twin Usb 5v Digital Device Charging Ports 5v 2.5a X 2
  • Tyre Pump 0-80psi With 2 Adaptors For Sporting And Leisure Equipment
  • Ultra Slim Zip Carry Bag ( 240mm X 200mm X 65mm 755gm Complete Kit)

Will Jump Start Most Vehicles Provided The Vehicle Only Has A Flat Battery And The Starting System Is In Good Order

Up To 4.2l (4200cc) Diesel

Up To 7l (7000cc) Petrol

Kit Contents :

  • 12v 16,000 Mah 60 Whr Lithium Polymer Power Pack
  • Jumper Leads
  • SAA Approved 240vac /15v DC 1a Battery Charger USB 3 In1 Digital Charging Cable Tp001 0-80 Psi Tyre Pump Comprehensive User Manuals



12 Months months

















Dimensions (mm) L x W x H x TH