School's Recycling Program

Battery World cares about our future generations. Since 2006 we have been educating primary school children about battery recycling through our local school’s program. School children learn about the need for recycling from the local Battery World representative who is usually accompanied by "BW Man”, the big smooth jut-jawed super hero. School appearances are fun and teachers and children participate in a range of relevant and entertaining activities. All materials (including education kits) deal in a factual but non-scary way that batteries impact on the environment.

We can develop a school's recycling package according to your school's needs depending on the school’s resources and local Battery World store. Battery World stores offer all schools and customers the opportunity to take advantage of:

•    Think Green, Act Purple posters
•    Recycling information  for staff
•    School Assembly talk
•    Battery recycling bin
•    Newsletter inserts
•    Mini Recycling bins for purchase

Want to know more? Contact your local Battery World for more information.