Photo & Video

Don’t miss a precious moment. Whether you use a still camera or a video camera, it’s important to have the right battery, not just any battery. It could make all the difference to capturing those precious moments that may never return again.

Film or digital cameras, flash guns, video cameras, portable lighting or customised power solutions Battery World has you covered. We cater for everyday users & photography enthusiasts right through to professional photographers & TV cameraman. We’ve got the batteries you need for powering all your imaging devices.

We also stock Eneloop and Fujitsu rechargeable batteries for flashes plus a range of universal chargers suitable for charging most camera and video batteries.

Tip: Did you know charging your lithium rechargeable phone/camera battery after use will prolong battery life.

There’s no need to drain a lithium ion battery until it’s flat. In fact letting the battery go flat will shorten the life and it may even go ‘to sleep’ if it goes under voltage. Topping up a lithium ion battery after use will not harm it and because of the safety circuit inside the battery won’t overcharge if you forget to turn off the charger.

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