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How many batteries do you use in your home or office each day? Television remote control, stereo and DVD remote controls, air conditioner remote controls, garage remote controls, torches, cordless phones, cordless tools, computer and games controls, security systems, clocks, smoke alarms, toys ... the list goes on.
Battery World has the right battery and in most cases if you can bring them into the store, we’ll expertly fit it for you.

Tip: Did you know that 1.2V rechargeable AAA, AA, C & D batteries are often more powerful than 1.5V consumer batteries?

Almost all equipment using these common size batteries run from between 1.5 volts to 1 volt per battery. That means a device using 4 of a 1.5V batteries operates between 4 volts & 6 Volts. As the batteries flatten the voltage drops & the current increases so still supplying the power the device needs until the batteries are dead. 1.5V is just the off load voltage starting point not the voltage offered when in the battery is in use. The NiCd/NiMH rechargeable batteries are rated at 1.2 volts but this is an average of the total on load voltage when in use. When the drain is high like in a motorised toy or a digital camera, the rechargeable batteries are better at offering power than the non-rechargeable batteries so the run time from rechargeable is often longer, sometimes up to 5 times longer in very heavy drain use.

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