S46B24R Century AGM VRLA Battery


A range of advanced starting batteries designed to complement the performance and fuel saving benefits of vehicles fitted with Idel Stop Start systems. Incorporating innovative design features and advanced raw materials to provide the cycling performance needed to cope with frequent discharge and recharge cycles, high charge acceptance for rapid recharge in-between engine off modes and the extra power to run electrics whilst the engine is switched off.

  • 18 months Warranty*

* Conditions apply, refer to individual warranty statements affixed to each product

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Part No. Battery Type V CCA Dimensions (mm) L / W / H / TH Polarity Warranty*
Century Heavy Duty Hybrid Vehcile Auxillary Battery Range
118101 S34B20R 12 270 192 / 123 / 200 / 227 D 18 Read more less