Battery World sets out ‘All for Adventure’

Expert Advice

Battery World is bound for adventure thanks to a new sponsorship agreement with Australia’s most popular fishing and four-wheel driving duo who just happen to be on National TV.

Jase Andrews and Simon Anderson are the faces behind All for Adventure: the country’s most popular and highest rating fishing and four wheel drive TV series.

No stranger to the bush, Jase has driven across Australia six times before his mid 20s while self confessed farm boy Simon has hit the road less travelled in both four wheel drive and motorbike.

Together they take to remote Australia to shoot their series seen weekends on Network Ten.

With a battle cry, “we are all for the adventure” it is easy to see why a marriage with Battery World and the power we can provide, to keep them filming, is such a perfect fit.

The current series focused on the ‘Wild West’ shot in remote parts of Western Australia with the duo keen to try the best of our Century gear for both auto and marine.

“We were really impressed by the fact Century manufactures in Australia – batteries that are not only locally made but made for the conditions unique to us,” Jase said.

“We go over some pretty tough ground with the boat on the trailer before we get to put it in the water and knowing the battery is designed for tough on-road and water conditions is pretty impressive.

“We run a lot of gear from the quad bikes to powering our camp – so it is great to be supplied some good stuff from Battery World.

“I have two heavy-duty Century four wheel drive batteries under my bonnet while Simon has the Century Maintenance Free batteries and we have the Century Maintenance Free marine in the boat. On the ground we have two 120AH Century deep-cycle AGMs.

“Now we are part of the Battery World family it has been great to meet some franchisees from our backyard in the Sunshine Coast as well as in WA during our travels.”

Battery World National Brand manager Rachael Matheson said often the proof of the pudding was in the tasting so being able to let Battery World customers know just how the batteries are pushed in the bush is great testament.

“Our Battery experts love all things outdoors from marine to four wheel driving so being able to offer added advice on just how well the products do can and being able to call on this knowledge is a great opportunity for the brand,” Ms Matheson said.