CC1212 Century 12V 12A Battery Charger

SKU: CC1212

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Product Details

Century’s CC1212 battery charger and maintainer will charge 12 Volt conventional lead acid batteries rated up to 240Ah and maintain those rated up to 360Ah. Backed up with a 5 year warranty*, this 9 stage smart battery charger can be used for charging and maintaining SMF [Calcium], AGM, Flooded and GEL lead-acid batteries, in the following applications:

Car & Passenger vehicles
4×4 & SUVs
Lawn & Garden equipment
Recreation vehicles
Caravans, RVs & Camper Trailers
Incorporating a unique and patented rejuvenation technology, this charger uses high voltage equalising and peak pulse reconditioning to repair heavily discharged batteries and will activate from as low as 3 Volts. Other inclusions are an Eco-power mode, for ultra-low power consumption, and safety timers, to detect faults and prevent overcharging.


ChemistryWatt hourTerminalPolarityVAhCCARCWeightDimensions (mm) L x W x H x THWarranty
-- - -12V-----5 Years