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C12-75DG Century Gel Battery Battery

SKU: C12-75DG

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Product Details

Century Deep Cycle batteries are designed and built to endure the uncompromising demands of Australia’s harsh environment.

Available in Flooded, AGM and GEL variants, Century Deep Cycle batteries deliver long-lasting, dependable power for accessories and are ideal as secondary batteries in recreational & commercial applications - including 4x4s, caravans and recreational vehicles, golf carts, wheelchairs, mobility scooters, marine systems, dual battery systems and industrial equipment.

·Advanced GEL electrolyte for superior deep cycle performance in extreme conditions

·Thicker full-frame cast plates for maximum deep discharge capabilities

·Designed to withstand repeated recharge and discharge cycles


ChemistryWatt hourTerminalPolarityVAhCCARCWeightDimensions (mm) L x W x H x THWarranty
Lead Acid- Gel- M6 D1270--23.5 kg's260x169x211x21812 Months