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Battery World 500Amp 12/24V intelligent Jumper Leads 4M


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Product Details

The Battery World 500Amp Intelligent Jumper Leads with a 12 & 24V Voltage Display will change the way people think about Jumper Leads and how they are used.

The 12V & 24V LCD Voltage Display will immediately provide the exact voltage reading of the battery when connected. The Voltage reading will flash to indicate the battery condition.

For standard vehicles, 4×4’s, boats or anything running 12 Volt Systems, below 11.8V is considered a flat battery and requires charging while 14.2V is considered overcharged. The voltage reading will flash to indicate a flat or overcharged battery. When the Voltage reading does not flash this indicates a healthy battery life.

For Trucks or anything running 24 Volt Systems, anything below 23.6V is considered flat (requires charging) and anything above 28.4V is considered overcharged.

The 80°C Temperature Sensor (Amber Warning) will only ever appear when the Intelligent Jumper Leads have reached 80°C. In this case, it is recommended to dis-continue the jump start process to eliminate the possibility of damage to yourself or your vehicle. Ensure the Temperature warning light has turned off before continuing the jump start process.

A Green L.E.D Light indicates a correct connection and a Red Light indicates an incorrect connection.


  • Amperage: 500 Amp
  • Lead Length: 4M
  • 8000V Surge Protection
  • Voltage Display 12 & 24 Volt
  • Digital Display Flash Warning:
    • 12 Volt Systems: Below 11.8V & Above 14.2V
    • 24 Volt Systems: Below 23.6V & Above 28.4V
    • Amber Flashing Warning 80oC Temperature Sensor
    • Green Light – Correct Connection
    • Red Light – Incorrect Connection
    • Voltage display will provide a voltage reading when connected to 1 battery. Voltage will be averaged when connected to 2 batteries.


ChemistryWatt hourTerminalPolarityVAhCCARCWeightDimensions (mm) L x W x H x THWarranty
-- - - 12 & 24V-----12 Months

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