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AUTO TECH (ATA) 4 Channel (PTX5-V2)


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Product Details

Automatic Technology PTX5 Garage Remote Controls (PTX5-V2)

Increasingly, the electronic interference of wireless and cordless devices jams out door and gate transmitters. TrioCode™ 128 overcomes this challenge by simultaneously transmitting on three different frequencies, so even if two are jammed, the TrioCode™ 128 transmitter will still work. For added security, TrioCode™ 128 transmitters use a random coding system with trillions upon trillions of random possibilities for enhanced security. In addition, the new TrioCode™ 128 transmitters are backwards compatible with existing TrioCode™ openers.


ChemistryWatt hourTerminalPolarityVAhCCARCWeightDimensions (mm) L x W x H x THWarranty
-- - -------12