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Product Details

This 12V battery box features all the common connections that would typically be required for outdoor recreation power needs. It is capable of holding a deep cycle battery up to 100Ah (sold separately), which can be secured in place with the supplied webbing strap. Once fitted with a battery, the box can be used to power campsite equipment and connected to a solar panel for recharging. The box comes with carry handles so it’s easily portable and is fitted with a variety of connections for powering your portable appliances. These include two 50A Anderson plugs, insulated bolt terminals (fitted with wing nuts) and a 12V car accessory socket with over current protection in-built. For smaller devices such as phones and tablets two USB ports are provided with up to 2.4A charging current. It’s also fitted with a voltmeter to help monitor the battery level. External Dimensions: 424W x 306H x 251Dmm.

Not all battery boxes are the same! Our Powerhouse unit has some key features that are not found on many models in the Australian market:
- 2 x 50A maxi blade fuses in circuit for extra protection.
- Lid with dual side clips for extra secure fit.
- High current output USB ports (2 x 2.4A) to charge high capacity devices such as tablets.
- Bar graph style LED volt meter.

Suits batteries up to 100Ah
Dual 50A Anderson Plugs
12V Cigarette Socket
2 x 50A maxi blade fuses in circuit for extra protection.
Lid with dual side clips for extra secure fit.
Dual USB Ports with high current output (2 x 2.4A)
Handy bar graph LED Voltmeter
Circuit Breaker Switch



12 Months months

















Dimensions (mm) L x W x H x TH

270 x 435 x 342